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Empower Your Dreams of Home Ownership, a New Car, or Starting Your Business

Who We Are?

At Bossmaker Management, we’re more than a credit repair service; we’re your partners in financial empowerment. With years of expertise and a compassionate approach, we’re dedicated to helping you overcome credit hurdles and unlock the doors to your dreams. Our Success Blueprint Membership is your first step toward not just repairing credit but building a future where your financial goals are within reach.

Our Services

Transform Your Credit Transform Your Life Transform Your Life

Home Ownership Programs

Specialized assistance to help you qualify for your dream home.

Auto Finance Solutions

Secure financing for your dream car, regardless of your credit history.

Membership Benefits

Exclusive Benefits of Our Membership Our Membership

Joining the Success Blueprint Membership grants you access to unparalleled support and tools for credit repair and beyond:
Revolving Tradeline-min

5K Primary Tradeline

credit report monitoring-min

3-Bureau Credit Report Monitoring

Tailored success plan-min

Tailored Success Plans

Unlimited disputes-min

Unlimited disputes

Notary and Affidavit Services​-min

Unlimited notary service

purse insurance policy-min

50K Wallet/Purse Protection

How It Works

Your Path to Better Credit in Three Simple Steps

Start your journey by signing up for our Success Blueprint Membership.
Work with our experts to create a tailored plan that targets your credit goals.
Utilize our resources and support to improve your credit and unlock your financial potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve got answers. Explore our FAQ section to learn more about how we can help you achieve your credit and financial goals.

Real Success Real People Real People


Building a Brighter Future

Within just two years, I managed to rebuild my personal credit to an impressive 815 score. I also established business credit in multiple entities and strategically raised the limits on my personal revolving accounts to a minimum of $20,000, all while maintaining a utilization rate of 1-4%. I then leveraged this personal comparable credit into business finance, gaining access to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I used that capital to invest in various businesses, including real estate and trucks, and developed valuable skills along the way.

Skills and Income Correlation

Did you know that your skill set has a direct correlation to your income? It’s often said that raising your skills leads to higher income. During my journey, I developed some unique skills. I became a personal credit expert and a business credit building expert – two distinct skill sets. Now, imagine one person who’s an expert in both. That’s the roadmap I want to share with you.

Your Path to Financial Success Begins Here

We kickstart your journey with a 5k primary revolving tradeline that reports to Experian. This is crucial for building comparable credit references, which will be invaluable when we help you secure funding.

Ethical Pricing for Outstanding Value

At Bossmaker Management, we believe in over-delivering on value. Our online price is $1500 per annum, making it a powerhouse personal and business finance firm working for you at just $4.21 per day. The principles you’ll learn will transform your financial life.

Compliance and Lender Expertise

We structure your journey to meet lender compliance requirements. Our parent company includes a loan brokerage division, giving us unique insights into underwriters and lenders. We utilize the same algorithms as they do when a business client undergoes an initial business success scan. Your journey with Bossmaker Management lays the foundations for wealth.

Our Proven Process for Financial Transformation

Our process involves several key steps:

  • Review Credit Reports: Upon onboarding, our dispute team applies your new 5K tradeline and starts cleaning up your personal identifiers, freezing bureaus.
  • Build/Destroy: We control what reports on your profile, destroying negative accounts while building your creditworthiness.
  • Optimize and Execute: When it’s time, we execute your plan of action, whether it’s for an auto loan, mortgage, or business funding qualification.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

All our members receive:

  • A free 5k primary revolving tradeline
  • Access to unlimited Affidavit Drafting
  • Unlimited Letter Drafting
  • Notary services
  • A roadmap to success

Myron Golden's Closing Principles

Now that you’ve seen what Bossmaker Management can offer, can you see the value in our program and the transformation it can bring to your financial journey?

Our annual subscription of $1500 is designed to provide you with outstanding value, transforming your financial life. Does this sound like the kind of opportunity you’d like to explore further?

I understand that you might have some concerns or questions. What specific questions or reservations do you have about joining Bossmaker Management today?”

I appreciate your honesty. Let me address those concerns and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. May I ask what specifically is causing hesitation?

Given the transformative potential of our program and the value it offers, if we can address your concerns, are you prepared to take advantage of this opportunity today?

Imagine the impact Bossmaker Management could have on your financial future. If everything aligns and your questions are answered, are you ready to embark on this journey to financial success?
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Did you know that our membership comes with a free 5K primary tradeline? we have to provide visuals.